Title Guaranty Hawaii

Title Guaranty also known as “TG Hawaii” or just “TG”, provides title services for all real property transactions including residential, commercial, resort, land and development. Using their own title plant TG is able to quickly and accurately search all records to verify title ownership.

Title Guaranty of Hawai’i is the oldest and largest title company in Hawaii. Owned and operated by a kama’aina family, TG Hawai’i has been providing real estate closing services since 1896. Our in-depth local knowledge and more than 300 employees in branches statewide ensures thorough, fast transactions and friendly customer service.

Common Space came on to refresh the existing brand by creating a new design direction from the ground up to reflect a contemporary lifestyle brand with expertise and experience with the local culture. We started by providing a visual framework for advertising executions, designed a brand guidelines book, art directed and designed marketing materials, merchandise, and more.

Focus: Copywriting, Development, Digital, Design, Direction, Logo, Print, Production, Typography

Team: Jon Santos, Design Director & Copywriting
Kaili Trask O’connell, Client Liason
John Esguerra, Designer
Liz Zamudio, Project Manager

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307 Kamani St. A / Honolulu, HI 96813

New York

240 Grand Street No. 2F / New York, NY 10002