Werner Herzog | Whitney Museum

Contemporary Art

The Whitney Museum commissioned Common Space to create an artwork for Werner Herzog’s 2012 Biennial titled Hearsay of the Soul.

We designed an installation-based presentation for a set of music and video compositions and scored a 12-minute video to accompany the work of Ernst Reijseger. We worked as a co-author for this work and handled all ends of production and installation from motion graphics to sound design and a package design for several editions which have since been acquired by museums and institutions around the world.

The visual project combines magnified close-ups of landscape etchings by Hercules Segers, whom Herzog considers to be a “father of modernity.” We created a shifting, scroll-like play of images, accompanied by the music of Reijseger, a frequent collaborator of Herzog’s. We also created the packaging system for the retail version of the work consisting of 5 VHS tapes and 2 DVDs.

Focus: Experience, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Post-production, Print, Production, Typography, Video

Team: Jon Santos, Direction, Exhibition Design & Motion Graphics
Matthew Patterson Curry, Sound Design
Abigail Ecchiveri, Sound Design
Ernst Reijseger, Music

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