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Jon Santos, Design & Direction
Jayne Lies, Photography

A retreat project that took place on July 10-12, 2015, less than two hours away from New York City. We call the project Ontopo: a word we made up by clipping the word “topography” and adding the prefix “on.” This 3 day event extends the summer camp arts and crafts theme into interactive, audible, and edible realms using technology, art, and science to gain a closer understanding of the relationship we have to each other and to the world around us.

We created the name and concept for a retreat that is meant to further interpret site through creative workshops, performance and a culinary program. Common Space managed all ends of production and curation.

This page represents Ontopo at Outlier Inn in the summer of 2015. Featured artists and workshops include the following. Kamau Patton: Acoustic Ecology. Daniel Perlin: Listening Closely. Luke Simon: Breathwork & Healing. The Jewels of New York: Bannock Bread. Huy Bui: Solar Light. Anne Apparu-Hall: Seed Ball. Ambika Conroy: How to Animal Farm. Josh Druckman: Group Song Making. Paul Jacobsen: Tiny House Raising. Sharon Dang: Screen Printing and Beads. Tara Mei Smith Extra Terrestrial Projects: Invasive Plant Harvest. James Kendi: Kubb. Shelley Burgon: Sound Chandeliers. Megha Barnabas: Movement Workshop. S10 Training: Forest Boot Camp. Dance Party: Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance, Nelleke McCowan, Jon Santos. Erik Meier: Bird Courage. Alexandra Drewchin: Eartheater Performance. Data Garden: Midi Sprout. Mombucha Kombucha Explained. Alice Schavoir: Sound Canopy. Seytenes: Sound Bath. Morgan Yakus: Group Hypnosis and Tonic Bar. Food by Anne Apparu-Hall, Ted Hall, Lovely Day & Ni Japanese Deli.

Photos by Jayne Lies

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New York

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