Lauhoe Journal

A resource and platform for Hawai’i to navigate the Coronavirus crisis

Jon Santos, Design & Direction
Liz Zamudio, Producer
Monica Hofstadter, Producer

Editorial Team: Lala Nuss, NaomI Yoshida,  Rechung Fujihara, Matthew Lynch, Ben Trevino, Akemi Glenn, Marion Ano, Jessica Welch, Pono Shim, Makana R.

Photography: Josiah Kekoanui Patterson, Mark Kushimi, Yatta

The Lauhoe Journal emerged was birthed as a  in response to the Covid-19 crisis. What was originally intended to be a resource for  curated facts about Coronavirus has quickly  evolved into a platform which seeks to explore  a range of perspectives relating to these times, even as we navigate through this crisis in Hawaiʻi.

Through listening to each others’ stories, we can find connecting threads which together are woven into a rich tapestry, and call forth beautiful (k)new futures that can allow ALL to thrive and flourish, in all the ways we dream are possible. We hope to support you in helping your communities to transform the trajectories of their futures for the next seven generations as we emerge from this crisis.

At this time, we are building a team of people who represent different life experiences, cultural backgrounds and ways of working but one thing brings us here: Envisioning a future that is enlightened by the wisdom of those who came before us.

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