Decoding Artemis Baltoyanni

Leading up to the inaugural launch of the Frieze art fair in Los Angeles in 2019, we met with Artemis Baltoyanni to discuss her experience as a gallery director, curator, collector and art advisor. She was operating with the name “Open Sesame” and we were brainstorming a way to re-introduce her practice in a way that spoke to this range of activity. 

We looked at a range of objects from antiquity to the present time and examples of visual languages meant to codify value and authenticity. 

We created a custom typeface that deconstructs the shapes needed to spell out the name ARTEMIS and concept a theme meant to resurrect the arc of time expressed in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. We ended up launching the work at Neuhouse in Hollywood where the guests received custom chocolates that featured our time capsule, a special lunch and a custom bag design that all carried with it, the magic of a timeless fable. 

Focus: Design, Development, Direction, Print, Logo, Production

Team: Jon Santos, Design & Direction
Liz Zamudio, Producer
Monica Hofstadter, Producer

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