As a multi-disciplinary creative studio, we work closely with artists, creative directors, brands and entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals by defining and executing creative solutions across media.

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  • Ontopo

    Experience Design and Curation


  • Ontopo: Outlier Inn edition

  • The Last Weekend

  • The Last Weekend

  • Frieze VIP, Venus X


An important component of our work is in creating community and innovating the ways in which we assemble in group activity. From workshops and extended experiential retreats to relational performances and provocativeinnovative parties, Common Space produces a range of events and experiences aimed at getting people to interact with each other in new and creative ways.


Nadawave (2010-15), The Last Weekend (2012-13), Ontopo (2015), Social Mirroring (2012), Telegraph (2012), Frieze VIP (2012), and many others.

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